Official Sites. Summary. He has appeared in several films and television shows most notably DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL (Mac Digby), THE WALKING DEAD (Fat Joey), HALT AND CATCH FIRE (Bodie), THE NICE GUYS, LOGAN LUCKY, and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Death by walker Early 20s s03e12- Clear. Following a degree at RADA, he worked with the theatre company Cheek By Jowl. After the fight, Lee demands to know about Molly, and is shocked to realize that she was the one who rang the church bells around town, causing walkers to attack Lee and his group earlier that day. The Walking Dead:Season 4: Returning Character Profile Ep3 Molly (twd season 4) The Walking Dead:Season 4 Episode 1: Lead Writer and release date info (twd s. Qaletaqa Walker is a She attended Talent Unlimited High School Performing Arts Amy Harrison (Andrea's sister) In 1991, at the age of thirteen, he appeared in three films and has continued Carter s02e07- Pretty Much Dead Already. She is not mentioned in the character statistics at the end of ". Darling in Disney+'s Peter Pan & Wendy. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place. She is a lone female survivor who has displayed high amount of skill in agility, parkour, climbing and close quarters combat. Born in Canada, Steve grew up in South America and Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Unfortunately, Molly's sister was diabetic, putting the two at risk of banishment/execution. SAG-award-winning Travis T. Love rose from teaching in public schools to the big and small screen with drive and determination. s06e09- No Way Out. in season 1 if you did not take clem with you to the school = Molly dies. Short summary describing this character. s01e05- Wildfire. Kevin Patrick Murphy is known for The Walking Dead (2010), Stranger Things (2016) and Naked (2017). AMC. Death by walker(Bitten on the arm and neck by a walker) s06e01- First Time Again. Caucasian-American. "Around Every Corner" Death by Maggie( Shot in the chest) Jeananne Goossen is a dual citizen of the US and Canada, raised in Toronto, New York and various cities in Japan.Her mother, Tam Goossen, is from Hong Kong and became an activist and municipally elected official in education after immigrating to Toronto. Death by walker( Devoured by walkers) Actor, Musical prodigy, Director,Writer, and Mentor, are just a few of the titles this rising star holds. Death by Walker&Rick( Bit on the cheek then mercy killed by Rick) s02e09- Triggerfinger. Death by Carl( Shot multiple times) Randall( The group's hostage) s03e16- Welcome to the Tombs. [35], She co-starred in Josephine Decker's 2018 feature film Madeline's Madeline. He is married to Rachael Cudlitz. Andrew Rothenberg was born on January 26, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Death by Daryl ( Beaten with a pipe) s01e06- TS-19. Though he can be somewhat careless as he ends up being caught in a bear trap in the middle of the woods. Playable Charactersnote Lee Everett, Michonne, Javier Garcia, Alvin Jr. Clementine Season One Ethnicity in season 1 if you take clem with you to the school = Molly lives. Publicity Listings s07e01- The Day Will Come When You Won't Be. Death by The Governor( Shot in the back) She also appeared in the several popular television series including, That's Life ( Haley( Woodbury Resident) His first appearance on the small screen was a non-billed role in the 1980s series V (1984). Death by Carol( Stabbed in the stomach) [4] The same year, Parker reunited with Lynne Stopkewich for the drama Suspicious River (2000) in which she portrayed a rape victim. Terri Sue "Tovah" Feldshuh is an American actress, singer, and playwright. (Determinant), Molly and Vernon were both residents of Crawford, but no evidence suggests that they knew each other. Parker made her first major American film, Waking the Dead, in 2000, and garnered mainstream recognition for her portrayal of Alma Garret on the HBO series Deadwood, from 2004 to 2006. Contents 1 Pre-Apocalypse & Post-Apocalypse 2 As a Playable Character 2.1 Molly - TellTale Special Edition 3 Killed Victims Pre-Apocalypse & Post-Apocalypse Main article: Molly (Video Game) As a Playable Character He began acting in college before attending Circle In The Square Theater School's MFA Program. Her father, Ted Goossen, from Manhattan, NY, Michelle( Saviour) Actor An actor and writer, his film & television appearances include recurring roles on She-Hulk Attorney at Law, Yellowstone, P-Valley, The Walking Dead, Brockmire, and House of Cards. Sean( Bar Bandit) Originally posted by ZER0-_-XD: Erin Yvette Alex Breckenridge was born on May 15 1982 in Darien, Connecticut before moving to California when she was 12. She almost leaves Kenny, Lee, and Clementine to be devoured by walkers before changing her mind. Molly displays a high amount of skill in agility, parkour, climbing, and close quarters combat. Later on, the safe sanctuary of Crawford tightened its security, eliminating potential liabilities such as children, the elderly, and the sick. Clementine Stays at the House, Shoot the Walker (Unknown) s07e08- Hearts still breathing. s03e08- Made to Suffer. Death by Maggie( Bit by zombie Donnie and stabbed several times) molly parker walking dead character molly parker walking dead character. [4] Also in 1996, Parker appeared in an episode of the Canadian horror series Poltergeist: The Legacy, as well as Bruce McDonald's independent film Hard Core Logo, in which she portrayed an aspiring actress. He has a brother named Brian. After playing "Jimmy Jimmy However, it was her debut in theatrical films that gave her her big breakthrough, playing a necrophiliac in Lynne Stopkewich's 1996 film Kissed (1996). In the movie, Parker played a San Francisco lap dancer who becomes a paid escort to a Silicon Valley nerd. By her early Tina( Sherry's sister) Death by Michonne( Stabbed in the back in order to save Rick) Crawford Oberson took control of the district and she, along with numerous other followers, sealed off the district, scrounged weapons, ammo, cars, batteries, and any other supply of vital importance of staying alive in the new world. Christa doesn't seem to trust Molly when they first meet after she saves Lee, Kenny and Clementine's life. Molly then broke off on her own to run a personal errand, taking the battery with her as leverage in case the group might leave her behind. s06e14 - Twice AS Far. However, Oberson began sending an inspector down to take inventory of the medicine, and would've discovered their secret. Major Dodson was born on July 8, 2003 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Add a photo or add a quote. William is a ruthless, brutal, violent, tyrannical, and insane leader of a community built around an abandoned Howe's Hardware. She appeared in the role for seasons two through four, earning a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her performance in the fourth season. Death by walker( Devoured by Walker herd) It was there John found a passion for acting and became a Denver Broncos fan. She also starred in Errol Morris's docudrama miniseries Wormwood. She appeared in the films Birdman, Into the Wild, Neal Cassady, Michael Clayton, Series 7: The Contenders, Signs, The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, Bringing Rain, All I Denise Cloyd ( Alexandria's doctor) s03e03- Walk with Me. Upon first meeting Molly, she seems to be entirely unsympathetic and selfish. Female s03e04- Killer Within. LaBrandon Shead is an artist to be on the lookout for. [21] Derek Elley of Variety praised the performances, writing: "Slater and Parker make a sharp pair of leads, each handling their dialogue with crisp efficiency. (Determinant). He is known for his work on Homeland (2018), Sleepy Hallow (2017), Bloodline (2016), and The Walking Dead (2016), Chicago PD (2016), Ethan His family first immigrated to Canada and stayed there for one year, and then moved to the U.S. s06e13- The Same Boat. Death by Daryl( Exploded by RPG) molly parker walking dead character. Death by walker(Mercy kill by Daryl) Please be aware that spoilers are not allowed on the wiki and a violation of this policy may result in a ban. Ticker Tape by TradingView. Lee can choose to shout, stating he saw someone on the roof causing the bells to chime. If Lee watched the tape, he can confront Molly about her past, and Molly will reveal that she was out getting a photograph of her sister, the only she has left of her, from her old room. He studied in England at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, then returned to America and was a member of the National Shakespeare Company. s03e15- This Sorrowful Life. Molly is a Telltale Games adapted and playable character who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival . He began acting while at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, MI, where he studied Psychology as a major (BS in Glenn Rhee Sanctuary prisoner Steven Sean Garland is known for Billionaire Boys Club (2018), Dark My Light (2022) and The Gifted (2017). Best critiqued/ interesting titles titles of 2019-20. Andrew is an actor, known for Fargo (2014), The Walking Dead (2010) and Ray Donovan: The Movie (2022). Clementine was friendly towards Molly and said hi to her, treating her as a friend rather than a stranger. His ability to engage and affect his audiences through acting proves the potential of National Guardsman Born on March 29, 1942, the Atlanta native was awarded a basketball scholarship following high school at Georgia's Southern Tech Hershel Greene Growing up, his family hopped from base to base, eventually settling on Long Island, New York. Release Dates | Official Sites | Company Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs. Saviour David Morrissey started acting at Everyman's Youth Theatre in Liverpool, where he was born and raised. Death by walker( Bit by walker and left to turn) If Lee failed to protect Molly from the walkers, separating her from the group, Vernon will be bitter towards Lee. Be it as an actor, a playwright, a producer or a director, his passion to create and develop new works and ideas seems endless. Thank you. He is an actor and writer, known for The Walking Dead (2010), Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013) and Chop (2011). Some dreams never come true, but with perseverance and passion, they can become reality. Death by Carol/Rick ( Shot by carol then mercy killed by Rick) Death by walker(Bit and Turned, then shot by Rick) Eastman Being a heavily Outpost saviour It was "Kissed" that set Molly's career into overdrive.A friend got her an audition for the low-budget independent feature film, and she hit if off with the director, who not only cast her, but became her friend. Clementine Stays at the House, Miss the Shot/Hesitate (Unknown) David Spaner, "Molly relishes producing role: Parker behind and in front of the camera for latest film, Looking for Leonard". LaBrandon pursues truth in all that he does and attributes much of his creativity to his upbringing.As a kid, Shaved Head Wolf Son of an accountant and a mailman, he was born in Hacienda Heights, California, groomed to become a doctor, a pediatrician according to his parents. Please read at your own risk. So I can understand why we may not see Molly again. Death by Rick ( Bullet to the head) He is also known as the compassionate tough guy, T-Dog, in the Emmy, AFI & WGA Award winning, Golden Globe Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas Lance Tafelski was raised in Clearwater, FL where he began his acting career during his teenage years in community theatre productions local to the Tampa Bay, FL area. Parker recently was seen in the TV series "The Firm," NBC's adaptation of the John Grisham Novel where she played Abby McDeere, the wife and head of the family. However, Molly thought that Vernon's plan of going through the sewers and infiltrating Crawford was not a bad idea. s03e04- Killer Within. When Kenny tries to attack Ben after he admitted to helping the bandits, Molly didn't help defend him at all, and snidely commented on how well their group was getting along, but Lee brushes her off saying its not a good time. A) Help Mr Parker (Chosen) Mr Parker is saved via amputation and dies later of blood loss. She has been a Broadway star for more than four decades, earning four Tony Award nominations. From 2018 to 2021, she starred as Maureen Robinson in Lost in Space, a Netflix-produced remake of the 1965 TV series. Merritt Wever is an American actress, who earned an Emmy Award for playing the character Zoey on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie. Blonde Chris is an actor, known for The Deuce (2017), The Front Runner (2018) and The Killing of Two Lovers (2020). AMC Networks (via has announced The Walking Dead: Origins, a new series of special episodes that will focus on four Walking Dead characters, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Not much is known about Molly's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a 14-year-old diabetic sister. Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He is an actor and producer, known for Crank (2006), Disturbia (2007) and Crank: High Voltage (2009). Lee Everett looked up at a church bell tower after it started to ring and saw Molly sneak past. Contents His grandfather was musician Murray Bernthal. s05e08- Coda. After finishing Black Bearded Wolf Gender Lee and Molly share a hug and part on good terms, wishing each other luck. Death by Carol( Shot several times) She also re-teamed with director Lynne Stopkewich for Suspicious River (2000).Parker made waves with another provocative film with sex as its subject, director Wayne Wang's The Center of the World (2001). To hide it, Ashe cut off their deal. Death by Walker( Devoured by Walkers) s02e12- Better Angels. Jeffrey DeMunn was born on April 25, 1947 in Buffalo, New York. Born in Waltham, Massachusetts and raised between Texas and North Carolina, Chase is recognized for his diverse and distinct character roles. Daniel Thomas May is known for The Walking Dead (2010), I, Tonya (2017) and Being Mary Jane (2013). If he manages to do so, Molly will be grateful for him having saved her life. Death by The Governor( bit by walker then shot in the head) Rich Jiro ( Carol's conflict Saviour) She cared greatly for her little sister, whose assumed death may have caused her somewhat selfish outlook on survival in the apocalypse. s03e04- Killer Within. After appearing in several films, including the teen comedy Just One of the Girls (1993), and the television film Serving in Silence (1995), Parker was cast as a necrophiliac medical student in the controversial drama film Kissed (1996). Molly was reluctant, and told him to take good care of "Hilda". Clementine walked up behind Lee or Molly (depending on what happened) preventing the situation from escalating further, leading to Lee realizing that Molly wasn't the Stranger, while she notes that he wasn't from Crawford. Tearfully, Molly takes out a photograph of her sister, saying that she wanted it a lot. Molly drops her ice tool to Lee so he can open a manhole and escape down into the sewers. While she manages to fight off the surrounding walkers with her bare hands, she is forced to run away, separated from the group. A rising talent with a knack for both comedy and drama, Kyla Kenedy is quickly becoming one of the most sought after young actresses in the industry.Kenedy can currently be seen starring opposite Minnie Driver in ABC's Television Critics Association Award-winning sitcom, "Speechless." s03e16- Welcome to the Tombs. Clementine Comes to Crawford (Unknown) richard belding leave it to beaver songs about rebelling against parents makai polk scouting report. Mike Mayhall describes himself as a story teller. Molly Parker, the extremely talented and versatile Canadian actress is best known in the United States for playing the Western widow "Alma Garret" on the cable-TV series Deadwood (2004). Death by The Governor( Shot in the head) (sibling). in theatre from the The Catholic University of America / Hartke Theatre Acting program. Fat joey Molly( Saviour) Stuart Greer is an American character actor best known for his work in the films, "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "The Reaping", "American Ultra", and "Homefront". Death by walker( Devoured by walkers) Death by Governer( Shot in the chest) [1], Parker's uncle was an actor, and his agent took her on as a client, enabling her to launch her career in small roles on Canadian television. [37][38] Parker reprised her role of Alma Garret for the HBO television film Deadwood: The Movie, released in May 2019. Death by walker( Devoured by walkers) Brian Durkin began his acting career in 2004 and has appeared in Savior This list shows the victims Molly has killed: If Lee fails to complete a task, it is possible for Molly to die. Library Dweller Molly Actor Kennedy Brice Gender Female Hair Brown Age 10 Occupation Pre-Apocalypse Student Family Unknown First Appearance "30 Days Without An Accident" Last Appearance "Inmates" (Corpse) Death Episode "Inmates" (Off-Screen) Cause of Death Devoured by walkers. s03e08- Made to Suffer. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He became known for playing the lead role in the show Noah They have one child. Oscar( Prison Convict) s03e16- Welcome to the Tombs. He is married to Michelle Paress. In 2011, she appeared as a recurring guest star in the sixth season of Dexter, before being cast as politician Jacqueline Sharp on the Netflix series House of Cards in 2014. from episodes released early on AMC+ may not be added to the wiki until the episode officially airs at 9pm EST on the Sunday it is scheduled for. s06e13- The Same Boat. When he was weeding out "liabilities" such as the sick, Molly went to the town . Death by Michonne ( Shot with silencer) Jim Last Appearance Two of his . Tomas( Prison Convict) She played the daughter of a lesbian military officer in the television film Serving in Silence (1995), opposite Glenn Close and Judy Davis. Death by Michonne( Decapitated) He was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his role in the Off-Broadway play, "Nocturne," by Adam Rapp.