If you follow the tips above, youll be ready for a variety of questions, from how you would approach a certain situation, to why you want this job. Explain which languages youre fluent or native in, and which youre still learning. Hi Binoy Das, if you have legal status to work in the US you can apply. Ive come across any FA blogs and I must say your has been the most informative. Try to think of a situation that does not show a personal weakness. It never hurts to ask. Make a list of your greatest strengths and then make a list of required strengths found in the job description. If after reading and thinking its worth attending, do you also suggest I bring the employee referral letter with me to the career fair? I believe that if you get released from training for not passing, you have to wait 90 days, apply, and go through the entire process again. In this article, were going to cover the 18 most common flight attendant interview questions from airlines like: This includes behavioral and situational interview questions, as well as other types of questions that you need to be ready for. Get our free PDF with thetop 30 interview questions and answers. Hello Ezra, Im glad you are enjoying the blog! There are hundreds of bits of information and steps in the hiring process, therefore, it is best to have the training and a guide to help you successfully gain the experience and get through the hiring process to land your dream job. Where are their main hubs? What Is United Airlines? It includes background information on United airlines, their salary, schedule, hubs, and other info you would want before becoming a flight . Login with Google! Your goal should be to demonstrate that you stay calm and professional even when disagreements occur and that you realize youre on the same side as your coworkers working toward a common goal. He said What!? Hub airports are airports that serve as central transfer points, from which flights come in and go out to other cities. If you are interviewed by a panel, make sure to make contact with each person as you listen to and answer their questions. Me noticing this unfold rather quickly on register, I decide to intervene and offer both the customer and my co-worker if I can kindly make the customers drink for them. Learned a lot reading through your blog! Received email for online interview the next day, 20th. Finally, describe the result and what you learned from the experience, too! United Airlines does provide you with the flight, but you are on your own to get to the interview once you get there. What Skills Do Flight Attendants Need to Have? Do you know if they re-opened it? Hi Gabby. Are they still requiring vaccine mandate for new employees as a flight attendant? The Clear Path To Your Flight Attendant Career. As a brand new flight attendant you are most likely to be based in San Francisco, Newark, Houston, Denver, DC, Boston, or Chicago. United Flight Attendant Interview Questions & Answers Q1: "How is your past experience relevant to this position?" A1: "My experience working in a close-knit team has taught me that communication is too important to slack off on. You may also explain the importance of the rules in ensuring passengers' safety. Tattoos are permitted on the arms, legs, wrist, and feet and must be no larger than a credit card. Example: 'When a passenger refuses to comply with instructions, I repeat the instructions to them in case they didn't hear me well. For example, suppose you are soft-spoken and therefore the interviewer may assume you will not be able to make public announcements. United closed the flight attent application already, it was open for only about 2 days. United Airlines has flight attendant hiring events at different bases throughout the year, even when they are not open for applications, you can get an interview from a hiring event invite. Asked how I felt about going away for training for 6 weeks and I said I was fine with that it sounded exciting. My daughter is presently in Texas with AA, and has 4 test to go to gain her wings!!! I would wait to resign until you have the CJO with another airline. Only 60% of new-hire flight attendants make it through new-hire training. It's a more personality-driven assessment, designed to assess your customer service, flexibility, and adaptability skills. My response was: I love working with new people, you can always learn from them. Today's video will show you everything to expect when you get that phone interview from United! Pin This For Later. Also though Arabic is not a listed language preference based off the application and articles Ive read, is there still incentive pay for being fluent in that as a second language? https://futureflightattendant.com/product/flight-attendant-interview-guide/ Best of luck to you! and our For example, suppose you worked at a restaurant and they did not have a particular item on the menu so you went to the restaurant next door and got that item for them. Most Difficult Interviews at JetBlue Experience Positive 81% Negative 9% Neutral 11% Getting an Interview Applied online 94% Employee Referral 5% In Person 1% Difficulty 2.8 Average Hard Average Easy Interviews for Top Jobs at JetBlue Flight Attendant (230) Airport Operations Crew Member (190) Ground Operations (54) In Flight Crew Member (54) I completed the assessment test, virtual interview questions and live video interview with a person. Congrats on the Video Interview, thats awesome! And did not go back. I love reading everyones questions and your very informative responses. United flies to six continents, and not everyone onboard speaks English. I believe you can order as many as six pairs at a time to test out at home with try before you buy. Uniteds core4 principles of safe, caring, dependable, and efficient align. What are United Airlines core 4 values? Im 45 (but luckily look about 8 or so years younger and am in decent/good physical shape) is that too old for Emirates or FAs in general? Do they put you in a group and ask you all individual typical interview questions or is it more so to see how you interact with others? Yes they do training during the holidays. Prepare to talk about a situation where you had to prioritize and handle multiple tasks. Join 10,000+ job seekers in our email newsletter and we'll send you the 30 must-know questions, plus our best insider tips for turning interviews into job offers. (Well talk more about what questions to ask in a flight attendant interview soon). Hi again, When will open resumes /job opportunities be posted again for flight attendants? I was so very shy and nervous when I applied. Heres the most important thing to know about this situation (and again, this is directly from my colleague who worked as a flight attendant): They dont evaluate the outcome or solution you came up with as a whole; they mostly evaluate how you interact with the team during that resolution process. 3.) The last two rounds (one of which just closed) was by employee referral only. This can be its reputation, the places it flies to and serves, the excellent customer service or reviews, etc. However, you do need to be in good physical health and be able to perform your job duties at any age. 40 graduating flight attendant classes are scheduled this year alone. If you've applied for a position as a flight attendant, you might receive an invitation to interview. What to packBesides business casual outfits, hosiery, black heels that are compliant (see the blog post flight attendant shoes or check out the resources tab on the top of the site for the Future Flight Attendant Store, there are socks and hosery choices in there.) As the employee referral two weeks ago. I did want to ask for clarification on two things. But time flies and a year will pass in no time! Hang in there and best of luck to you. Im not sure if its open for transfers at the moment, but it is definitely still a base. I know lodging with AA, my daughter has her own hotel room. The resources tab even has a try before you buy option so you can try on shoes and send them back if they are not right for you without having to pay anything. But from what I heard, you are allowed to change your date one time. Can you give me an idea of what to pack? ( I snore) lol. How are you? Other airlines have you wait six months to one year to reapply if you have received a TBNT or thanks but no thanks email. This year United has had flight attendant classes graduating training every single week, and the hiring does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you. Interview Info Interview Questions / Answers All Companies. Cabin crew positions are competitive, so you could lose out on the job to someone who spent more time preparing questions to ask if youre not careful. This is information is excellent! I thought they shut it down in 2014. For example, you dont want to ask, how long has this airline been in business? A quick Google search could reveal this info, so asking the hiring manager isnt going to impress them. I was curious to what the window is upon getting hired as a United flight attendant after the Houston interview, and when the training begins? So make sure youre demonstrating patience, strong listening skills, communication skills, professionalism, and teamwork. Prior to training, candidates must successfully complete a physical examination. Hello Denese, I guess I worded my reply incorrectly, yes they state that you need proof of vaccination as a flight attendant applicant. Since youre not sure of their beliefs, you dont want to take a strong stance and offend them. and that was that. Reserve flight attendants typically fly between 76 and 120 flight hours per monthly bid period depending on operational need. Congratulations on securing a CTO. If selected for a position, you will be asked for proof of vaccination at the time of offer. The customer always comes first, so the airline wants to make sure their flight attendants arent letting internal disputes get in the way of giving customers an outstanding experience. There were 6 interview questions. State you are a self-starter and a team player which will allow me to work well independently or in a team. A good example you could bring up could be one that youve seen here at Starbucks. Where do you see yourself in five years? I was hoping to have some insight about what to expect. United Airlines is the 4th largest airline in the United States. United airlines will be hiring the most flight attendants out of all the US airlines over the next few years. My main concern is affordability. We worked very well together and gave each other positive feedback to make the next trip even smoother. Its a very common question, and Ive been asked this myself early in my career. United Flight Attendant was asked. I am crossing my fingers for Dulles if I am offered the job after the in-person interview, but Im going in ready for anything of course. I am not vaccinated but can get an exemption if need be. For more information, please see our If you answer some of the assessment questions a certain way you would be denied getting to the next step. Professional appearance, excellent grooming standards, and willingness to follow uniform, hair. Very informative post. Even if they are hiring for MCO, you could always transfer to a different base after six months anyway so go for it. You will be judged on your teamwork and communication skills. On some flights it can be less than 20% of passengers. American Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring Process 1) Online Application 2) Online Assessment 3) Video Interview 4) In-Person Interview Tips for the Face-to-Face Interview This article has more details and examples of how to answer tell me about yourself.. *Hugs*, Your email address will not be published. I was hoping to have some insight about what to expect. Today, you can see the. What I was referring to was medical and religious exemptions of current and new employees. Ive heard mixed information about whether or not United still has a base in Cleveland. This blog was very informative. 2. Thank you for your informative blog. I hope that all makes sense, its kind of complicated to explain. Today I'm explaining the whole process after passing my American Airlines Flight attendant interview. By the end of 2022 Delta expects to have a total of 4500 new flight attendants. (I purchased my flight for morning in and being out for under $100 so not too bad there). Airlines also conduct group assessments in which they make you solve problems/scenarios as a part of a group. Hello, I am almost 40 years old and was thinking of becoming a flight attendant. You have what it takes to get a CTO and you have already proved that. State you have excellent communication skills which will allow you to work well with the customer and other crew members. Hi Deanna, I have actually been through the first 3 stages for United Airlines flight attendant and heard anything its been approximately 2.5 months and I was hoping to hear something either yea or nay how can I find out what my status is? By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I also had an employee (Mgr) referral letter. As a result both the customer left satisfied and my co-worker more relaxed from the situation. They had been skipping the VI or video interview and going right to the F2F or face-to-face interview, but the VI is back. This question above is very common, so be ready with a specific example, the approach you took, and why. The article also includes great images/examples. Has anyone gone through this process? You can always head over to Walmart or the mall to get anything else you need. Congrats on completing the first steps in the interview process. Hello SA, how exciting youre going to be flying again! How likely or unlikely is it that I will be invited back after 180 day pause. What do you think? I fit all the requirements except for the one hand tattoo!! I send you all the best of luck and will see you on the line one day soon! Next round is On Demand video interview via HireVue. Would it be easy to transfer bases as a new hire? You may also like: The Best Flight Attendant Age Limit Advice You Ever Heard, United Airlines is now requiring 180 from the time of your application to reapply if you have not been selected to advance throughout the interview process. You should approach this in the same way. I live in Atlanta and I just registered for the Orlando Inflight Career Fair last week. What candidates say about the interview process at United Airlines Very good Shared on May 14, 2022 - Customer Service Representative - San Antonio, TX Arrive early and dressed like a flight attendant. So this is the next type of behavioral question you can expect in a flight attendant job interview. How have you gone above and beyond for a customer? Hi Margo, United does not allow any pets during training. Hi Deanna!! Also, what books , guides, FAA Manuel would you suggest to read up on to get ready for testing. Hello Walaa Mohammed, Im glad you enjoyed the post. Uniter will email you, but Id guess with the holiday and how long applications were open and the sheer volume of applicants they received, they are probably taking a bit longer than usual. I am 20 years old , i wish to becoming a flight attendant for American airlines. The $67.11 is top out pay. I attended the Airline Academy in Orlando,Fl in the beginning of August. I dont believe they are still requiring new employees to be vaccinated. Get the flight attendant interview study guide. You can get a good idea of the language bases from the job postings. Be someone with whom you would like to work. 2022 Interview Initally positive however after an initial telephone interview a few weeks went by so I messaged to follow up on the application and was told they were very interested and get back to me soon regarding the next stage. This includes violent, obscene, sexual, racist, or objectionable content and any imagery that includes weapons. Hello! It is a shame that in 2022 and with flight attendants in such a high demand , United Airlines still doesnt allow a hand tattoo, some hand tattoos like mine are beautiful and delicates. I lve had a boat as a crash pad, which believe it or not was extremely affordable in one of the most expensive cities. Please dont psych yourself out, think of the day as an adventure and enjoy the journey. With enthusiasm I told them my story and why it was my best day. Its okay to say you like both situations, but make sure you show them that you have the skills needed to handle situations where teamwork is required. From what I read in the article United Airlines has a base in Fort Lauderdale. English language proficiency; second languages such as Hebrew, Hindi, Dutch, and German are an asset. Commuting is possible, but on reserve you will have to stay in your base on your reserve days. HI! Keep your questions focused on the job and work, and save questions about benefits, pay, vacation time, and other perks for a second or third interview (or ideally, once you know they want to offer you the job). My background is healthcare. This is one of the first questions most interviewers ask. Unfortunately you wont find out until you get to training which base you are assigned. I was a f/a for Delta, but stopped after 10 years to raise my daughter. I live in Houston and have applied for UA FA job and was invited to complete the video interview. Uniteds tattoo policy clearly states that if you have any of this imagery please keep them covered by your uniform garments. State you would be proud to work for the first U.S. airline to publicly commit to reducing greenhouse emissions 50 percent by 2050 and admire Uniteds goal to become the worlds most environmentally conscious airline. Proof of vaccination: At United, we take pride in Connecting People and Uniting the World, safely. The reason for the hiring event is because they need flight attendants at the base in that city. Do you think once recruiters review my printed resume (that Ill bring with me to the fair) Id be considered if I live in Atlanta? Its both how you interact with people and typical interview questions. How Ive had a co-worker who was a transgender women. Remember to speak up but give others a chance to speak. 1. its has been my dream to be one. Im 54, I need of a new career. Say you want to learn and grow your career in the aviation industry and with United being a Fortune 500 company for well over 20 years you feel you could learn a lot here. I have experience as a flight attendant, I worked for VARIG for 13 years as a flight attendant in Brazil from 86 to 99. Im 53 years old, with 20+ in customer service and speak German fluent. To all of our future flying partners out there, this is the best article Ive ever read about our hiring process! Need help prepping for the Interview? You will get one day off a week, but you will need to study and take care of yourself those days. The job description states you will need to be available to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays, and overtime so it is in your best interest to be as flexible when answering this question. Go to the airline website and read about their history. Let the interviewer know your weakness is public speaking but state that you are overcoming this weakness by enrolling in a Toastmasters class. Okay sounds good thank you so much I appreciate this info. Hello Erika, not necessarily, its not over until United Airlines says that you have not been selected. United Airlines has the most inclusive and progressive appearance standards in the industry. The United flight attendant interview is like most other airlines face to face interviews. I recently failed my land evac as well as some other blunders that I am certain were noted. Tell me about a time when you were blamed for something that was not your fault. Hi Christiane, unfortunately I dont know of any US airlines that allow hand tattoos including United, and there are only a handful of airlines that allow tattoos at all. If you are released too quickly, you most likely were not selected for the job. Hi Bill, Im glad you are enjoying the post and congrats on your daughter earning her wings! Effective communication is crucial in the event of high-stress situations such as aircraft evacuation, security threats, delays, medical emergencies, severe weather conditions, and turbulence. 2. This is twice as true when interviewing to become a flight attendant. You can always inquire by responding to the email they sent you and ask if the Hindi language was the reason for the TBNT. For more help, heres a full article on how to answer what are your strengths?. The person who interviewed me at the end asked if I had any tattoos and I do not. However, some people have been able to be moved up sooner. One of the colleges was very negative and as a result, made others negative which resulted in many changing jobs. All my best. And , if you fail a test, what are the retake requirements? United Airlines is the best US airline to work for because they have so many bases and the most international destinations of any airline in the United States.